UNIFOAM® MB products are predispersed pellets with Azodicarbonamide in a polymeric matrix.


  • LDPE
  • EVA among others.
  • The formulations may include additives to improve different properties.


  • Elimination of dust in the environment.
  • Improvement of the dosing process.
  • Reduction of mixing time.
  • Improvement of dispersion in the polymer matrix.
  • We offer tailored grades to meet customer requirements.

Main applications:

  • Extrusion and pressure molding of EVA foams: Especially for foaming by chemical crosslinking) for final applications such as shoe soles or sports flooring.
  • Extrusion of rubber.
  • Extrusion of polyolefin foams: High gas volume performance in both chemical crosslinking and physical crosslinking for the manufacture of sheets or blocks of foam in high demand applications such as automotive, packaging or sports among others.
  • Extrusion of PVC: Manufacture of pipes and foamed PVC sheets.

Contact us if you want to get recommendations on the most appropriate grade for your application.