The UNIFOAM® AZ Mix products are formulations based on additive Azodicarbonamide, designed specifically according to the requirements of the client and final product.

Advantages (depending on the additives it contains):

  • Reduction and adjustment of the decomposition temperature.
  • Improvement of dispersion.
  • Reduction of processing waste.
  • Reduction of dust level.

The main applications are:

  • PVC foaming: Especially for PVC plastisols in final applications such as pipes, sheets and wall coverings.
  • Synthetic leather.
  • Press molding of EVA foams: High gas volume efficiency through chemical crosslinking for the manufacture of foamed sheets in final applications such as shoe soles or sports floors.
  • Extrusion of polyolefin foams: Foam by chemical cross-linking in the manufacture of foam sheets for high-demand applications such as automotive, packaging or sports among others.

Contact us if you want to get recommendations on the most appropriate grade for your application.