Agentes Espumantes. Unifoam AZ


UNIFOAM® AZ MB products are masterbatches in pellet form based on Azodicarbonamide using as carrier a polymer (LDPE, LLDPE or EVA among others). The formulations could include other additives to improve properties.

The advantages of MB appearance are dust free handling, easier dosing, reduced mixing time and improvement in dispersion inside polymer matrix.

Hebron offers customized grades to meet customer requirements.

The main applications are:

EVA and Rubber extrusion and press-molding foam: UNIFOAM® MB grades are especially designed for chemical cross-linking of EVA foam sheets for final applications such as shoe soles or sport pavements. Moreover, UNIFOAM® MB is suitable for rubber extrusion.

Polyolefin foam extrusion: UNIFOAM® MB grades confer a high gas yield both in chemical cross-linking and in physical cross-linking for foam sheets or foam blocks manufacturing for high demanding applications such as automotive, packaging or sports among others.

PVC extrusion: UNIFOAM® MB grades are suitable for PVC tubes and sheets foams manufacturing.

Please contact us for finding the most suitable grade for your application.