Agentes Espumantes. Unifoam AZ

ADCA Standard

UNIFOAM® AZ are exothermic blowing agents based on Azodicarbonamide

UNIFOAM® AZ ULTRA have been developed to improve homogeneity, flowability and reduce dust generation. These grades offer satisfactory results in plastisols, reducing its viscosity or helping to keep correct work viscosities.

The main applications are: 

Cross-linked Polyolefin foams: UNIFOAM® AZ grades with a high yield either in physical cross-linking or chemical cross-linking for final applications like sheets or foam blocks for high demanding applications such as automotive, packaging or sports among others.

PVC foaming: UNIFOAM® AZ grades suitable for PVC plastisol foaming for final applications such as shoe soles, synthetic leather or wall and floor coverings. Moreover, UNIFOAM® AZ is suitable for PVC sheets and pipes foams manufacturing.

Rubber and EVA Extrusion and press-molding foam: UNIFOAM® AZ grades with a high gas yield in rubber extrusion for final applications such as tubes, sheets or gaskets.  Moreover, UNIFOAM® AZ is suitable for EVA press-molding. 

Please contact us for finding the most suitable grade for your application.